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Special offers

Current special offers available

1st 10 lessons for £200
For a limited period only I am willing to offer the first 10 hours of driving lessons for only £200 plus the LD workbook worth £14.95 free of charge. Please note this offer is not available to those nearing test standard and excludes any of the final five lessons in the LD System (i.e. lessons numbered 11 to 15) as part of this offer. Click the button entitled "LD System" for a list of the lessons in the LD training programme.

FREE home visit

To help you decide which course would best suit you I provide a free, no obligation, home visit. At this meeting I will be happy to explain to you and any other family members how the LD System works and what each course provides. If this would be of interest, please give me a call or leave a message.

Call me on: 01924 872120 or 07814699782
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